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Personal data

Personal data  shall be liable for carefully handling and protecting the personal data submitted by the Customers or collected through the Customers' orders or website visits. The corporate entity responsible for the personal data under the Bulgaria Data Protection Act is Simonino  LTD  Certificate N: 415045. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union from 1 January 2007

 The personal data will be used for managing the purchases, for marketing purposes, to improve the services and website design and above all for Simonino LTD to meet its commitments to the Customers. The data will be used for example to contact the Customer in the event of delay or problems with the delivery.

 Simonino LTD uses the data only within the company group. Simonino LTD never sells, swaps or passes personal data to third parties for other purposes than marketing Simonino LTD. Personal data may be forwarded to carefully selected third parties only to meet Simonino LTD s commitments to its Customers. For example, Simonino LTD may forward address data to shipping companies in connection with Customer deliveries.

 Personal data is stored only for as long as it is needed in order for SimoninoLTD to perform its services requested by the Customer, for as long as the customer-relationship is valid, or for as long as provided by the law.

 The Customer has the right to know what personal data is held about her with Simonino LTD . If the data is incorrect, incomplete, or irrelevant, the Customer has the right to require the data to me corrected or removed.

 A Customer may, at any time, withdraw her consent to receive direct marketing mailings. In such case, the Customer is kindly asked to contact Simonino LTD Customer Service at


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