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About us



   "Viva Accessories" is the biggest brand in Bulgaria dealing with fashion accessories.  We have 4 stores throughout the country on the main streets . The articles are displayed using our unique standardized and specialized concept. In our stores we follow the rule that our customers are our kings. It is not just a statement; we are proving it every day, trying to understand better customer's needs and to deliver the best product. To be the best company in Bulgaria selling accessories, we are constantly improving the merchandising in our shops. Our companie's criterias are very high and therefore on a regularly basis, our staff is attending different courses related to customer satisfaction. Recently we have been started to implement a program for bonus points and special discounts for loyal customers who will be in operation within two months.Another strong point of our company is that we are accepting returns after presenting cash receipt, no matter which store the accessories were bought from. In our stores, we offer a wide variety of accessories for kids, teenagers, moms and middle aged ladies so that everyone could find their fashion accessory at affordable price. Our stores carry 9000 basic articles, while in stock we have between 100 000 to 130 000 pieces.We strongly believe that our concept for selling accessories is quite successful, despite of the completion in our market. We are considering ourselves not just as a shop, but as attraction for the customers. It is mainly because of the huge variety of colours and the plenty number of articles which we are selling.Having all of this in mind we are looking for expansion in different cities in Bulgaria and Europe.


                          Simonino LTD

                          Vasil Levski str. 8
                          5000, Veliko Tyrnovo,

                          Bulgaria (BG)
                                                                         tel  +359888243421 




Veliko Tarnovo, V.Levski str.8    tel.  +359885856740  

Plovdiv,   Al.Battenberg str 38      tel.   +359885856727 

Sliven, Tzar Osvoboditel str. 23    tel.   +359885856731           maps. google

Burgas, Alexandrovska St. 42      tel   +359884359660 


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